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We build collaborative governing technology

The basic processes used by lawmakers to create, analyze, debate, and vote on public policy have not changed for more than 230 years. Markup is dedicated to creating solutions to bring greater efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration to the vital work of lawmaking. 

Draft & Collaborate

Enabling lawmakers and staff to more easily draft, edit, and share legislative language using Microsoft Word & Teams. 


Compare & Connect

Lawmakers can easily see how a proposed amendment connects to a bill, how the bill connects to U.S. Code, and U.S. Code to C.F.R., creating more efficiency and avoiding costly drafting errors.


Debate & Vote

Remote Voting System built to enable legislative bodies to conduct verifiable votes by authorized elected officials remotely over a secure platform.


Markup is a Washington DC-based team of public policy and technology professionals dedicated to building smart and secure systems that bring deeper collaboration and greater efficiency and accuracy to the policy making process. Our legislative redline product is authorized and available for use by staff of the U.S. House of Representatives.



Markup Redline 

Markup Redline™ enables fast and accurate side-by-side comparison of pending legislation, revealing connections between existing statutes and regulatory code to create efficiency and avoid mistakes; and allowing policymakers and staff to draft changes to amendments or bills and collaborate with colleagues in real-time using Microsoft Teams.

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