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The Hill: House Democrats use Markup app for leadership contest voting

Published December 4, 2020

House Democrats used an app called Markup ERVS to cast votes in the caucus’ first-ever virtual leadership elections, a spokesperson for House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) confirmed Friday.

Democrats had previously disclosed they would be using an app to cast votes for leadership and committee chairs virtually during the coronavirus pandemic but had not revealed the name of the app they chose.

“In order to ensure we could organize our Caucus safely amid the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, House Democrats conducted the first-ever virtual elections for its leadership team and committee chairs using Markup’s ERVS secure voting app on House issued phones,” Jeffries said in a statement.

“The technology has been incredibly well-received by the Members and we are ready to continue our fight For The People in the next Congress,” Jeffries added.

Markup ERVS is a “secure electronic remote voting system” that enables elected officials to record their votes...


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