The Markup Public Policy Suite of products have been purpose-built to make the process of crafting public policy more efficient and collaborative. 

Markup’s collaborative legislative review and drafting tool enables policymakers, regulators, staff, and public policy professionals to review, draft, and amend proposed laws or regulations, and immediately see how changes would be reflected in existing law. 


Markup’s secure remote voting system allows authorized officials to cast secure, authenticated votes remotely at the discretion of the body. The system is designed for legislative bodies and parliaments, and can also be deployed by local governments, educational institutions, and boards.


Markup Redline

Compare. Connect. Collaborate.

Throughout the world, the way elected officials draft and amend laws has not changed much for hundreds of years. Until now. Markup Redline™ enables fast and accurate side-by-side comparison of pending legislation revealing connections between existing statutes and regulatory code to create efficiency and avoid mistakes; and allowing policymakers and staff to draft changes to amendments or bills and collaborate with colleagues in real-time using Microsoft Teams.

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Markup ERVS®

Markup ERVS® is a secure electronic remote voting system that enables elected officials to record their vote in committee, council or plenary proceedings from authenticated devices and from any location with reliable internet connection. Markup ERVS® gives any legislative body, commission, or committee the technological ability to conduct secure, authenticated votes using secure digital signatures to convey proxy authority on bills, resolutions, amendments, and routine motions to parliamentary proceedings.