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Markup Redline

Compare. Connect. Collaborate.

Throughout the world, the way elected officials draft and amend laws has not changed much for hundreds of years. Until now. Markup Redline™ enables fast and accurate side-by-side comparison of pending legislation revealing connections between existing statutes and regulatory code to create efficiency and avoid mistakes; and allowing policymakers and staff to draft changes to amendments or bills and collaborate with colleagues in real-time using Microsoft Teams.

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How-To Videos

Redline How-To Videos

1. Getting Started

Learn how to:

  • Create an account

  • Log in and out

  • Check your account info

  • Add the Markup Redline™ app to Microsoft Teams

2. Download Bills

Learn how to:

  • Search for a bill

  • View a preview of the bill

  • Download the bill as a Microsoft Word (.docx) file to your device

3. Compare Bill Versions

Learn how to:

  • Compare ("redline") versions of the same bill

  • Download the comparison as Microsoft Word (.docx) file to your device

4. Compare Related Bills

Learn how to:

  • Compare ("redline") different bills

  • Download the comparison as Microsoft Word (.docx) file to your device

5. Connect Statues and Regulations

Learn how to:

  • Find a regulation from the Code of Federal Regulations

  • Connect the regulation to the corresponding statute in the U.S. Code

6. Collaborate in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to:

  • Add a bill to a channel in Microsoft Teams

  • Chat with others in your channel regarding the bill

Main Features

Main Features
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