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Markup Tally

Record. Report. Retain.

Markup Tally™ is purpose-built for committee voting in legislative bodies.  Using a digital tally sheet, the clerk of each legislative committee would record, in a machine-readable format, how each Member voted in committee.  When the committee clerk submits a completed tally sheet, the information from the tally sheet is extracted and displayed publicly in a one-click centralized hub of committee votes. Designed with existing tools and committee workflow in mind, Markup Tally™ is intended to maximize adoption while minimizing disruption.

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TAlly Intro Videos

1. Customization

Markup Tally is designed to be a standardized framework while still being customizable for each committees’ preferences, such as logos, member naming, and voting language.

2. Recorded Vote

Learn how Markup Tally can be used to easily tally "recorded votes" from committees in a machine-readable format, which can then be processed to view in an accessible web format.

3. Voice Vote

Learn how Markup Tally can also be used for recording voice votes in committees, and how the system makes easy to link votes to the documents they refer to.

4. Integrations

Learn how Markup Tally integrates well with existing digital systems in legislative bodies and can be easily exported to PDF formats for printing.

5. Research

Learn about the research that went into developing Markup Tally, including the download and analysis of committee votes, and understanding of committee recording practices.

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