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Markup ERVS®

Markup ERVS® is a secure electronic remote voting system that enables elected officials to record their vote in committee, council or plenary proceedings from authenticated devices and from any location with reliable internet connection. Markup ERVS® gives any legislative body, commission, or committee the technological ability to conduct secure, authenticated votes using secure digital signatures to convey proxy authority on bills, resolutions, amendments, and routine motions to parliamentary proceedings.

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Main Features

Main Features
How-To Videos

ERVS How-To Videos


This role is allowed to:

  • Submit a vote: The only role that can submit a vote to system

  • Spoil a ballot: The only role that can complete test ballots.


This roles is allowed to:

  • Monitor elections in progress in Election Administration Application

  • View published results

Designated Staff

This role is allowed to:

  • Access the Election Administration Page to monitor elections in progress

  • Watch the dashboard to confirm every Member’s vote is logged in the system

  • View published election results

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