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Why Markup

Markup is a Washington DC based company focused on creating secure, reliable, and easy-to-use technology that makes governing more collaborative and efficient.


The basic processes used by lawmakers to create, track, analyze, and debate public policy has been essentially the same for more than 230 years – complemented only by insecure emails exchanging a blizzard of disconnected amendments, bills, U.S. code, regulations and litigation. Resulting laws and regulations are often rife with errors that lead to lengthy corrections, court battles, and costly and time-consuming reaction by Wall Street, K Street and Main Street. 

There is a better way.


Draft & Collaborate

Enabling lawmakers and staff to more easily draft, edit, and share legislative language using Microsoft Word & Teams. 


Compare & Connect

Lawmakers can easily see how a proposed amendment connects to a bill, how the bill connects to U.S. Code, and U.S. Code to C.F.R., creating more efficiency and avoiding costly drafting errors.


Debate & Vote

Remote Voting System built to enable legislative bodies to conduct verifiable votes by authorized elected officials remotely over a secure platform.

We are building modern, collaborative tools for legislative drafting, analysis, debate, and voting. Our suite of tools has been purpose-built for legislators, regulators, public policy professionals and stakeholders to create, manage, and analyze public policy through timely knowledge, access to data, and secure private collaboration. Markup’s long-term mission is to set the standard for collaborative governance, public policy analysis, and secure remote voting worldwide.

Some highlights of our progress to date:

  • Markup Redline™ has been authorized and is currently available for use by all Members and Staff in the U.S. Congress

  • Markup ERVS® was used by the Democratic Caucus of the U. S. House of Representatives to conduct the first-ever remote votes for their leadership for the 117th Congress. 

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